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I first became aware of Jasmine’s music and voice over a year before this song was created. I was looking to produce more R&B records and was looking for a singer with a phenomenal voice to help me bring ideas to life.

This song is the result of our first collaboration, and is a part of my project “Kids With Dreams” – meant to be a body of work filled with collaborations with new artists that I’m inspired by and have something to offer the current landscape of music.

Falling is, at its core, a song about vulnerability, moving on, and the amalgam of feelings that come with leaving heartbreak behind to fall in love again. This song is an honest, introspective look at the feelings one has when love breaks down their walls and asks them to find their faith in love again. This song uses chords, melody, and harmony to show the listener that the feeling of falling in love can be scary, but will make you a better person if you trust the process.

Vocals/Lyrics: Jasmine Jordan
Production: Alvin Allure
Mix Engineering: Claire Morison
Mastering Engineer: Zach Bodtorf
Cover Design: Alvin Allure