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We are a generation that dreams.

We are adults that survived society’s indoctrination with our identities intact. We are dedicated to building our dreams out of the nightmares placed before us, and we are committed to being greater than the expectations that have been projected on us.

We are a collection of stories about kids who believe in themselves. We are a million refusals of negativity, of stagnation, crime, depression, and violence. We are risk takers, agents of change, lovers, and forward thinkers that are building our future, brick by brick.

We are the invincible, formerly the invisible 

We are innovative thinkers, and forever original.

We are young Black kings, Puerto Rican prophets, European lords and Korean Emperors

…We are Kids With Dreams, and we are dedicated to reaching the greatness that has been written for us.

Episode 5: DON’T FEEL ‘EM (with GrandeMarshall)

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