If it isn’t already, Mismo should be your new favorite luggage company. Started in 2003 by partners Rikke Overgaard and Adam Alexander Bach, the label specializes in simply detailed and expertly constructed bags and wallets, made from the finest materials. “Mismo is a Spanish word meaning “the same” or “yourself”. The name is a testimony to the natural materials we use and the rich and personal patina our bags develop. A Mismo bag should become your new best friend,” Adam Recently told us. He went on to explain why their M/S Explorer bag will be your travel companion for years to come.

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(Spotted at Park & Bond)

1. Shape. “The Explorer is that flexible travel bag that you can use whether you’re heading out for a long weekend in the countryside or two weeks on safari. It works and looks good whether it’s half full or packed to the limit. And you can keep putting stuff in it… It holds a lot!”

2. Blue/Brown Color Combo. “In our world the blue and brown color combination is as classic as it gets. We always have shades of blue in the collection and after having paired the dark brown leather with a livelier navy blue for a few seasons, SS12 is the first season where we match our dark, midnight blue canvas with dark brown leather. Both blue canvas and dark brown leather are very easy to adapt to any wardrobe.”

3. Materials. “It’s made out of a tightly woven Italian canvas with a water repellency coating, paired with vegetable tanned bridle leather and brass accessories with varnish protection. The canvas is from Limonta in Italy, which is one of, if not the best and oldest supplier of technical fabrics. The bridle leather is custom-developed for Mismo in Turkey. All hardware is in solid brass, developed in Italy. The zippers are YKK Excella, which is basically the best YKK has to offer. All the zipper teeth are polished, to ensure a smooth feel when your hand touches them going in and out of the bag. Goes without saying that these are pretty expensive, but having a perfect zipper is an important feature for the style.”

4. Diver Bag-Inspired Opening. “The inspiration comes from a rubber diver bag where the top is folded and closed. We wanted to make a much larger and refined version, so a folded top didn’t work. Instead we added the zipper and just one soft fold. The fold respects the origin of the design, and it can also stand up filled, if you carry a lot of stuff. The leather strap that runs across the top is a nice fastener, plus it keeps the bag in balance.”