Levi’s Made & Crafted is all about putting a contemporary spin on classic denim, and there’s no better example of that than the Tack Slim-Leg. To create the Tack, Head of Design Miles Johnson started with two iconic ‘60s-era pairs of jeans—the 606 from 1966, and the 1967 505—and added a slew of subtle, modern touches to create a look that feels right at home in 2012. Here, Johnson gives us the lowdown on the details of a pair of Tacks in Rigid Selvage.

(Spotted at Park & Bond)

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1. Fit. The waist has a relatively “square” shape. It’s influenced by classic slim fits from the 1960’s, when Levi’s first started “squaring” jeans. As a result, they hang closer to the body, creating a sharper, slimmer silhouette.

2. Fabric. The Tack is made from all-cotton, non-stretch, 12-oz. Japanese selvedge denim woven on looms from 1915 (so yeah, your denim snob friends will be duly impressed). The fabric has a particularly soft finish and is easier to break in than your typical 14- or 16-oz. weights.

 3. Stitching. The stitch is based on styles from the 1960’s, and the four-color seam reflects the attention to detail you’ll find throughout the Tack.

 4. Blue Tab. The dark blue tab is a Made & Crafted hallmark, a subtle departure from Levi’s signature red.

5. Pockets. The five-pocket design is traditional; the concealed arcuate stitching on the back pockets isn’t. Take a closer look: Levi’s trademark arch design is actually stitched on the inside of the pocket, making it nearly invisible. Once you’ve worn and washed the jeans several times, the shadow of the Levi’s trademark starts to emerge.