For a fold that’s truly squeaky clean, you need to vanquish those visible creases and edges. This technique does just that, hiding them inside your pocket and leaving nothing but a block of color (or pattern) up top. And in a lucky break, the preparation is as refreshingly minimalist as the look. Guys, meet the Pesko* Fold.

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(Spotted at Park & Bond)

Step 1: Start with your (cotton or linen) pocket square folded into thirds, like you’re putting it into an envelope.

Step 2: Bring both the top and bottom edges inward, shooting to keep each bend about one to one-and-a-half inches deep. Now fold the whole thing in half.

Step 3: Adjust the size of the initial folds from the edges so the entire square matches the depth of your pocket, plus about a half inch.

Step 4: Insert clean edge up, adjust—and get ready for guys to ask you how you achieved such pocket perfection.

*So named for admirer Josh Peskowitz, who says he cannot take credit for its genesis.