Isaiah Rashad – Nelly

TDE just keeps the quality sounds coming. Fresh off the heels of Jay Rock’s 90059 album release, the label releases this new Isaiah Rashad record. Looks like Spottie is up to bat now.

Isaiah Rashad – Obey Your Thirst (Episode 4) (Video)

“Isaiah Rashad shared his story with The FADER x Sprite. “You never know how interesting your own world is until you document it,” says Isaiah Rashad in his Obey Your Thirst documentary presented by The FADER and Sprite. Having grown up in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where he says most people have never seen the ocean, Rashad is aware that he’s not exactly from the hip-hop capital of the U.S.
His ambition to be the first rapper from the city far outreaches the distance to the nearest beach, though: “I feel like in my heart of hearts, I’m an individual. Ain’t nobody on this planet like me.” Rashad credits his confidence to his family, particularly his mom, who made him read the dictionary religiously growing up.
Much like Vince Staples and his hometown of Long Beach, Rashad is dedicated to remembering where he comes from: “It’s important for me to pay it forward to the people in Chattanooga, some type of way,” he says. “It’s inspiring somebody, man. Just making somebody want to do something.”” – The FADER