A Small Victory…

That, is the KZSU (Stanford based Bay Area radio station), Hip Hop charts for the past week. I was blessed enough to grab the #1 spot. I just wanna thank everyone who’s liked the art I’ve put out, and everyone who’s done anything to help and/or support, EVER! #PipeDreams

Allure x The Red Couch Project

Hey all. This is my show I had on Thursday November 11th for The Red Couch Project. I did 4 pieces total. 2 songs from The PipeDreams EP (NoMoreHeroes & PipeDreams) and 2 poems from Ambition (Meteor & The Moment). I think the whole thing turned out really well and I hope everyone likes it. If you like the songs you hear, then be sure to download The PipeDreams EP HERE and if you like the spoken word pieces, download Ambition HERE to hear them with their corresponding music. Thanks to The Red Couch Project for having me perform and to everyone who has already/will watch!

Bonus Performance of “The Moment” after the jump


Allure Presents The PipeDreams EP

The PipeDreams EP is my project serving as the follow up to my 1st rapper/producer/writer/poet project Ambition. Since then, my beats have gotten better, my verses have gotten better, and delivery is a lot better too. This project is definitely a collection of some of my best material musically. I put so much work into all aspects of this project, from the music to the artistic direction/graphics, and even the creation of this very site was an offshoot of this project. I present this music as a gift to the listener, in the hopes that they enjoy it and that it resonates with a part of them.


Tracklist & Back Cover after the jump.