“Blackness Does Not Beget Violence”

Article by Autumn Carter of the Stanford Review.

SoF NOTE: This is a different type of post for the site, but its necessary. This is the Stanford Review’s Editor’s note regarding Blackfest 2011 and racial attitudes. Seeing as how I was one of the people planning Blackfest (which was an extremely successful event) this year, and seeing as how another (uninformed) journalist linked back to this site in a different article that was implying racial ties to to the event in question, I feel it necessary to post this note from their editor. Thank you Autumn.

“This is the final issue of The Review this year. The outgoing Editor-in-Chief usually uses this space to reflect on the past volume of The Review.

Until recently, I was prepared to do the same. But instead, I will be using this final editor’s note to address a recent campus event that has left me feeling personally unsettled.”

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