33 Things You Need to Know About Black Tie Formal Fashion

Why there’s an open button hole on your lapel, a back to your vest, and why the pleats on your cummerbund face upward.

Black tie is a dress code for formal evening occasions. It means you should wear a tuxedo.

You’ll need: a black jacket with silk or satin lapels, matching black trousers with a silk or satin stripe down the outer seams, a white dress shirt, and a black bow tie that matches the fabric on the lapels. Consider a cummerbund or vest.

Patent leather opera slippers with bows, once considered the norm, make some guys rightfully squeamish. A black Oxford will do. You’ve got three choices when it comes to socks: black, black or black.

Six o’clock is the time at which “evening” is generally accepted to have commenced.

A tux wasn’t always considered formal. In the Victorian era, the tuxedo, or dinner jacket, came into fashion as a casual alternative to the tailcoat.

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