MILKY Pin Up Models by Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz


Jaroslav throws milk and water onto his pin-up models. Then, using special lighting and camera equipment, the splash of liquid is frozen in time and morphed into fashion. The MILKY PinUps Calendar 2014 will premiere in Australia during Jaroslav’s Milk Workshops Tour. In December, it will be released for ordering in limited numbers (100 copies).

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ARTST TLK: Spike Lee & Pharrell Williams Pt 2: on Hard Work and Opportunity (Video)

Spike Lee joins Pharrell Williams to talk about teaching at NYU, and the opportunities his grandmother gave him for education. He discusses his Kickstarter campaign and his experiences as Cannes with Steven Soderbergh and Wim Wenders. The two men discuss the influences of their upbringings, and the importance of putting in the work, and Spike shares stories of working with Michael Jordan and Denzel Washington.

Damien Hirst Stormtrooper Helmet


“Artist Damien Hirst has decorated a Star Wars stormtrooper helmet with his well known dot pattern for the Art Wars exhibition that will take place this month. The exhibition will feature numerous stormtrooper helmets that will be auctioned off for charity.” – Green Label