Dreams For Sale Cover Draft 2


Episode 2 of the Kids With Dreams album.

Produced by Alvin Allure
Mixed by Edward J. Nixon
Mastered by Tom Waterman

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Someone once said that “Life is about the buying and selling of dreams”…that we’re all either the hustlers or customers of dreams, desires, and that which we choose to believe. Well, I believe that we look for the dreams that are eventually sold to us because they feel safer than the ones we’ve created for ourselves. We end up losing our own image when we superimpose non-resonating goals into our lives. This record (and the album as a whole) is a statement of creation, a metaphorical line in the sand, and a message saying to avoid buying a dream that isn’t better than the ones you already own.

This record is a continuation of the themes presented in “The Language of God” but is more hip hop, more self-propelling, and more confident.

Author Robert Greene said: “Be the master of your own image rather than letting others define it for you.”

Empower yourself. No one will ever give you permission to do something that they cannot accomplish themselves. They can’t sell you a dream that you refuse to buy. Live your life and create your world, while finding inspiration along the way. Dreams are for sale but inspiration is forever free.