“Over the past few weeks Lana Del Rey has teased her 27-minute short film Tropico based on the biblical story of Adam and Eve, and today it’s finally available to stream in full. Starring Lana as Eve and model Shaun Ross as Adam, the fantastical film begins in a version of the Garden of Eden with the couple surrounded by Lana’s “mother” Marilyn Monroe, her “daddy” Elvis, her “bestest friend” Jesus, and John Wayne as she sings the song referencing three of those figures “Body Electric.” It then shifts to strip club, convenience store, bachelor party, and countryside settings backed by her Paradise Edition songs “Gods & Monsters” and “Bel Air.” The film directed by Anthony Mandler (“Ride,” National Anthem”) also features several long monologues similar to the one spoken by Lana in her “Ride” video along with Allen Ginsburg’s infamous Howl opening lines.

At the film’s Hollywood premiere last night, Lana also alluded to new upcoming music saying, “I really just wanted us all to be together so I could try and visually close out my chapter before I release the new record Ultraviolence. We’ll keep you updated with more details as soon as they’re available.” Whether or not that means a new album is in the works or just a song, it appears we’ll soon find out.” – Pigeons & Planes