The TDE songstress releases her 1st video today through Vogue magazine’s website.

“Though she’s only been making music for little over a year, New Jersey-native SZA (bornSolana Rowe) has already attracted comparisons to artists like Frank Ocean and the Weeknd. Another less expected analogy might be made between the 23-year-old musician and an artist like Grimes, who orchestrates nearly every film, performance, and artwork associated with her name. “I wanted to live and die by my own decisions,” SZA says of the self-directed video for “Teen Spirit,” debuting today on “From color correction to set choice to dressing myself in dirty T-shirts and random Marni pieces and refusing a stylist and makeup artist…I figured if I was going to fail, I’d do it on my own terms.” Given that SZA has recently joined Kendrick Lamar’s TDE label after having already released two EPs with another on the way, we doubt failure is anywhere in her future.” – Vogue