The Black American Dream Cover Draft 3 White w Title

“All we ever wanted was everything we couldn’t have”

I really hope you guys enjoy this EP. I’ve worked tirelessly for over a year on it, but the project became that much more meaningful, and that much more relevant in light of recent events. Little did I know when I decided to give my EP this title in the summer of 2012 that the notion of the existence of a Black American Dream (or the lack thereof) would become so needed. I hope this project not only provides you with great sonics and artistic inspiration for the summer, but also gives you an insight on the aspirations of our generation. This has truly been a project that has tested me personally, as all graphic design, concepts, beats (except one…shout out to Drew Beat), lyrics (excluding features like Nate Howard and M-Trey), all the recording, mixing, promo work, etc were all done by myself. I hope the attention to the quality of the end product shines through when you hear it.

I also hope this project allows you to explore the questions of  if a “Black American Dream” exists, and if so, what it would look like or how we would get there. If nothing else, I hope you’re able to create your own American Dream to aspire to and push towards. -A