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“Exactly one year ago today, I responded to a tweet that lead to a phone call that changed my life forever.

After putting a call out in to the Universe, it took “7 minutes” to receive an email response, that essentially changed my life forever.

This entire project was executed (inception to completion) in 48 hours.”

Insanely proud of fam.

Hit the jump for the lyrics and more.



“Edo it’s Ryan.”
“I’m calling only because, I’ve been where you are and there is a real opportunity here.”
“It’s probably the most time intensive, challenging, no sleep position, that you could even, like, whatever you’ve imagined it’s even worse than that.”
“So, this is the level of sacrifice and risk, but, by all means, come to New York City”
“Come, plug into the matrix, and see if you can make it happen.”


I can’t believe how much of my life has changed from just a year ago I swear you never know
And progress is the process of never letting go
So stubbornness is nothing less than I have ever known
And if I’m ever on I will know that I was never wrong

Yeah, and being blessed means something different now
Ever since I’ve been spending more time in vanilla clouds
And four times the world is what I’ve been around
All kinds of girls is who I sin with now

Yeah, but I’m never really gone
Because anywhere I am is only ever half a home
And I’m only half alone, because I’m always after more
You see I depend in goals in order to defend my soul

But I can’t help but to want to believe in people,
I never act like every opportunity is equal,
I still live my life like its a movie & a sequel
And since everyone expires
My music’s eternally yours


“E.D.O. Productions. He’s out to New York finally.”
“It’s a serious commitment, and it’s a struggle that happens, not only personally, but then it starts to have an effect on family relationships and everything else.”
“Parents, relatives, all of those things. I’m giving this call because I… I actually care.”


My younger & older brother are looking up to me
Even though I tell them a thousand times that they ain’t under me
But if you wanna see exactly what it’s gonna be
Picture a hundred G’s & another trip ever other week

But since my dad lost his job shit ain’t been the same
I gotta do double duty to try to entertain
The thought, of this thing I call the dream
And it seems like I’m so fucking far from the seam

And the stitches unfurl, as I fantasize about girls
& these women looking like pearls till you chuck the clam and a whirl-
wind of feelings hit you, she texting saying ‘I miss you’
I bet you do, but I misuse how wet I get you no tissue

And what I’m trying to say is, these girls I’ma play
Cause in this story I write I have no time in the day
To pretended that I’ll stay, let alone that I’ll date
So her tears drop like rain man, I’m Tom Cruise-in’ away

I really hope that my ways don’t ever catch up to me
My little sister’s becoming ever so love-l-y
And I hope she finds the man of her dreams
I just pray that that man understands she’s a queen

And to anybody who thinks that I’ve made it
I’m barely getting started I’ve got dues I haven’t paid yet
Cut from a different cloth but we share the same set
Of 24 – so I work way past when them rays set

And to my mom who ain’t ever had a day off
I promise you I swear that this hard work gone pay off
Cause you believed in me before I ever could
I didn’t know how I was gonna pay you back, just knew I would &

To my brother who introduced me to it all
Just know that you always have a special place in my heart
Because without you I would have never known the game
Now I’m already playing & life will never be the same, I’m saying


Yo! Yo!
What’s good boy!?
“Yo, you really own a mother f***** private jet!”

“It’s a very, very, very, insanely, complex opportunity, but it will literally teach you, and begin to groom you and begin to prepare you to be one of the most extraordinary problem solvers in the world and then it’s just about finding a place for that for mentorship, education, and preparation for outside projects.”

“Alright boss.”
“Thank you so much Ryan.”
“Alright you got it man, take it easy”

“Follow your dream!”

Special thanks to everyone who was a part of my journey and made this possible!

Ryan Leslie (@ryanleslie), Kenza Fourati (@kenzafourati), Isaias Fret (@da1cost), (Conrad Robinson (@ayoblak), Rob Winters Ronaldson (@RobW_R), Melissa Molomo (@mssaywhatsreal), Casper (@theghostfather), Getm Jaf (@GetmJaf), Alex Bittan (@dockyardp), Dave Harding (@daveismedia), Anthony Kumasaka (@anthonykumasaka), Raul Leon (@hydraulics23), Ruben Dario Villa (@rdvious) Eugene DiBenedetto (@bksgenemachine) Pradukt (@praduktofficial), Myles (@mylezdabarber) Rekuiem (@rekuiemmusic)