Dream On 5th Cover Draft Alt

Here it is. The result of a year of work, conceptualizing, and creating…and another year of reflection on what was made. This album is an accurate snapshot of where my influences, my mindset, and my creative spirit was at the end of 2011/beginning of 2012, and serves as the launchpad for where I am now. Like my other works, I’ve taken an almost 100% hands-on role with this: designing all the artwork/single art/digital booklet, coming up with the art direction, mixing/mastering of the project, as well as getting the album sequencing/arrangement just right so that it told the story that I wanted it to. From the tragic story of Rose Gold to the soundscape of Swan Song, this album pushed my creative fortitude to the maximum at the time it was being made. This project wouldn’t have been possible without friends, family and a number of extremely talented individuals I’m proud to call collaborators (credits given in the digital booklet). It also wouldn’t be possible without YOU. I’m always striving to make the best possible product not only to better myself, but to also create something that you the listener will resonate with, support, and be proud of. So I hope you take a listen in the stream below or download the whole project in the link below that and let yourself get immersed in the sounds. Overdose on your wildest dreams. Dream On. – A.

Download the full album HERE