Michael Tubbs elucidates to empower as opposed to inspire those in poverty to UpSet the SetUp.

A Stockton, CA native, Michael Tubbs graduated from Stanford University, where he received both his bachelor’s with honors and his master’s in Policy, Organization, and Leadership Studies. Tubbs has been honored as Stanford University’s Dinkelspiel award winner, Outstanding Achievement Award by the Alumni Association, and as a Truman Scholar and a Rhodes Scholarship Finalist. His experiences include working with marginalized populations in El Salvador and
 in Capetown, participating in the 50th anniversary of the Freedom Rides reenactment with original Freedom Riders, and internships at The White House and Google. Michael serves as the founder and executive director of The Phoenix Scholars and the co-founder for the Summer Success and Leadership Academy at the University of the Pacific, interventions he designed to equip and empower “at-risk” youth to chart paths to opportunity.