…A Guest Post by @RinnieHoov

Now usually, you classy people log on to SoF for the latest and greatest in sophisticated culture but today the site has been sponsored by the letter R for Ratchet. Or R for Rinnie of RinniesWorld.com (that’s me!). I have a special announcement: The Fly Guys have released their 7th mixtape, Facegang 2, along with swag rappers BEeFF and the joint is hot! If you ever wanted to have a function at the crib but didn’t know what to play, you could simply press play and let the record do it’s thing.
Some standout tracks include:
  • I Be Stuntin “my brain peaked in high school, still smarter than these n!ggas.4s and 5s on APs now I got degrees n!gga”
  • Rollin Weed “and I put that on everything. I might not marry her, but I’ll mary jane.”
  • Traffic “I treat it like it was sacred then eat it like it’s the greatest then beat it up like I hate it.”
Nevermind the awesome guest appearances from Mann, Shawn Chrys, Tone P and a few others. Honestly, Facegang 2 is 18 songs of pure hot fire like Dylan so I recommend you click right HERE and let your ears do the rest. You won’t be sorry, pinky promise!