Frank Ocean Ft. JAY Z & Tyler, The Creator – Biking

Episode 003 of Frank Ocean and Beats 1’s blonded featured a new exclusive drop. Though Hov’s verse sounds like it was recorded over the phone, the Russian oligarch line was dope, and the rest of the record is a vibe for you to ride out to. It’s nice to see new Frank records dropping with much more frequency than in years past.

Noname – Tiny Desk Concert (Video)

“Here’s a fun fact about Noname’s Tiny Desk Concert: It almost didn’t happen. Around the time of their D.C. stop, she (born Fatimah Warner) and her bandmates got their first dose of tour sickness. Thanks to rest, medicine and our mutual excitement, she made her way into the NPR offices the following day. If there ever was a ‘Noname’ way of doing things, this is definitely her signature method. It’s in the way she’s able to muster a smile while performing a heartbreaking tale of abortion. It’s those sometimes bleak, melancholy lyrics over brilliant, colorful production.

These intriguing juxtapositions are what propelled Telefone to our top 50 albums of 2016. She prefaced her performance of “Reality Check” by saying: “I kind of talk in like, scramble-think, so hopefully you guys follow it.” “Scramble-think” refers to the clever metaphors she weaves in detailing the many ways she’s dodged destiny. On “Bye Bye Baby,” she raps:

Somebody let the yellow in

Bye bye blue

I’m gonna fall in love again

These lyrics, their colors, represent the sector she commands in hip-hop today. The yellow: The bright side. (Of course, there’s plenty of gloom and doom to rap about — especially coming from Chicago — but there’s also plenty of light.)

There’s an appropriate moment of silence in the office, before the applause, following her emotional medley. She asked us if we liked it. We loved it — and you likely will too.” – Bobby Carter via NPR

Sampha – Process (Film)

Directed by Kahlil Joseph

“36-minute film that serves as a companion piece to his album of the same name, via Apple Music. It was directed by Khalil Joseph, best known for his work on Beyoncé’s Lemonade film. The new film is a series of vignettes featuring “ghostly spiritual surfer guides, crop circle dance formations, time altering narrative leaps,” and performances by Sampha.” –  Pitchfork