So Close to Summer – 009

“009 – Nine Lives, Nine Vibes”

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Alvin Allure (@AlvinAllure)
Niven Quaye (@Quayex2)
OG (@OlivierGlaser)
KiaNaturally (@KiaNaturally)

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Alvin Allure – Stuck

Sometimes kids dream of love but get stuck in their ways…The people that love us can be a catalyst for growth as they push you to move closer to your goals, but at the same time they can also be a catalyst for stagnation. Often times in relationships, we can actually be our own worst enemies, and our old ways can keep us from moving forward even though we say we know better. Insanity has been described as doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results, and there’s nothing that can make a person crazier than being in love. We’ll keep trying until we break the habit…until we’re no longer stuck in our ways…and until we allow ourselves to change for the better.

Episode 3: Stuck

Produced by Alvin Allure
Additional Vocals by M-Trey
Mixed by Sam Sherbin
Additional Mixing by Edward J. Nixon
Mastered by Sam Sherbin

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Tunji Ige – Thing 4 You

Tunji Ige is back with his newest song since 2016’s EP Missed Calls. Maybe there’s a new project on the way? Hope so, but let this track bless your ears in the meantime.

N.E.R.D & Rihanna – Lemon (Video)

Finally…N*E*R*D is back with a new single and video featuring none other than Rihanna. Word on the street is that the trio’s new album will drop this weekend around their comeback performance at ComplexCon in Long Beach on Saturday so keep your eyes out for that.

Directors: Todd Tourso + Scott Cudmore Creative Director i am OTHER: Phi Hollinger Executive Producer: Brian Welsh + Jonathan Lia Producer: Stacey Thiel Art Director: Brandon Mendez Actor: Mette Towley Choreographer: JaQuel Knight Director of Photography: Malik Sayeed Stylist: Shirley Kurata Glam: Olive Meyer Editor: Taylor Ward

Sampha & Syd – Show Love

“The pair were recruited by XL Recordings boss Richard Russell as part of his collaborative project that has already gifted us music from Giggs, Warren Ellis, Wiki, Ibeyi, Kamasi Washington, and more.” – The FADER.

Jhene Aiko – Trip (Short Film & Album)

The LA songstress surprised her fans this past week with a short film and a brand new album to accompany it. The short film and album are about coming to terms with the loss of a family member, psychedelic drugs, and love. Check out the film above, and check out the TRIP album here.