SoCloseToSummer004 (TV Size)

Music is meant to be created, curated, and shared. It’s been a mission of mine to do just that through Sound of February and I’m always looking for new ways to expand how we share sounds and the feelings that accompany them. This is why I’m excited to partner with and Niven Quaye on a biweekly YouTube playlist series called “So Close To Summer”.

We’re calling our 4th episode “The Lux”, which is what I like to describe as a “rich sound”, both figuratively and literally. This list is all about living the life of luxury and all that comes with that – the high life, the lows that follow, and everything in between. As always, Subscribe to the YouTube channel for more vibes and start the dialogue in the comments box below the main video (or just let the tweets fly).

“004 – The Lux”
Presented by Sound of February

Get to know us, as we present culture to you through curated audio.

Curated by:
Alvin Allure (@AlvinAllure)
KiaNaturally (@KiaNaturally)
Niven Quaye (@Quayex2)

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